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  • Sea Life/Melbourne Aquarium

    Skills: Remedial and Civil (expertise in concrete remediation)
    Key purpose: Repair by honey combing/concrete cancer from salt water coming in contact with the concrete super structure.
    Time frame: On going
  • Goulburn Valley Water Region

    Skills: Civil
    Key purpose: Raise the height of existing Weir and install new pipe work to complement existing mains.
    Time frame: 22 weeks
  • Port of Melbourne Corporation

    Skills: Remedial and Civil
    Key purpose: To add longevity to the aging assets of the Port of Melbourne Corporation with the Appleton Dock fender beam.
    Time frame: 16 weeks
  • Wyndham City Council

    Skills: Remedial and Civil
    Key purpose: Isolation, relocation installation, commissioning and testing of leachate pipes.
    Time frame: 2 weeks
  • Citi Power/Powercor

    Skills: Remedial and Civil
    Key purpose: Upgrade of Balaclava substation to cope with future demand.
    Time frame: 22 weeks