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Port of Melbourne Corporation

Skills: Remedial and Civil

Key Purpose: To add longevity to the aging assets of the Port of Melbourne Corporation with the Appleton Dock fender beam.

Time Frame: 16 weeks

A unique but highly efficient construction method using concrete anchor blocks and cantilevered beams allowed the delivery the project on time and budget. The construction methodology allowed for shipping operations to continue without disruption by coordinating works with several steak holders including Port of Melbourne, their tenants, Port Operations Control Center, Berth Allocator and Vessel Tracking Service.

The key to delivering this project was co-ordination and co-operation between the Berth Allocator and our Project Engineer to determine the arrival and departure times of each ship, as well as the exact location of the stern and bow of each ship berthing at Appleton dock. This enabled the planning, management and maintenance of continuous work flow to meet a tight program. The project was complete 3 weeks ahead of schedule.