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Applied Installations is an experienced construction services provider, specialising in a range of commercial and industrial construction services across Victoria. Constantly evolving, Applied Installations and the great team of people within the organisation are renowned for their expertise and exceptional quality of work across a large range of services including civil construction, remedial works and plumbing.


The business commits itself to continuous improvement, implementing best practices and professional service. These core values spread themselves across the company, whether it is adhering to safety standards or delivering specific training to ensure our employees are skilled operators in their given field.


We are equipped with excellent in-house capabilities and resources, providing a one-stop shop for all construction services. Managing a build from start to finish can be done entirely in house, eliminating the hold ups that occur when a site is shared. With a system of accountability and self-reliance in place, Applied Installations delivers on promises and finishes projects within all time, cost and quality criteria.


We take pride in delivering outstanding customer service with managers who work directly with your business to provide more than just reliable installations. The Applied Installations group is a fun loving, cohesive team that plays hard and works even harder. A defined point of difference, our approach is sustainable, with a focus on effective maintenance to keep future costs to a minimum. Our employees strive towards achieving better outcomes for your company, not just during the life of the project.


The three core areas of our business can operate to complete a simple task but can also work seamlessly together to complete multi-faceted projects. Our ability to utilise skilled workers across a large range of disciplines based on requirements, allows Applied Installations to provide a customised service that can cater specifically to you.


Discover more about the comprehensive range of services we provide for civil construction, remedial works and plumbing! Alternatively, get in contact with our team directly!